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Bao-med Pure Skin,Scalp&Hair Oil

The Bao-Med Pure Skin,Scalp&Hair range is developed to offer the exceptional care properties of the fruit from Africa’s baobab trees to everyday cosmetics and beauty supplements. The products are formulated using different elements of the baobab fruit such as pure, cold-extracted oil and pure baobab fruit powder as its key ingredient. Each product has unique benefits for improving and maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails.


Over het bedrijf

The Bao-Med Pure Skin, Scalp&Hair range is distributed by Mediceuticals. Our ingredients are imported from South Africa and the products are manufactured in the Netherlands. Bao-Med is a proud supporter of the Baobab Foundation in South Africa. The Baobab Foundation supports many schools in the villages, where the baobab fruit is harvested. We offer the support they need, ranging from helping build schools, first aid equipment, food, and much more. By simply purchasing any Bao-Med product and enjoying the benefits thereof, you are helping people from very poor communities in need of basic necessities.

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