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We want to provide not just “feel good,” but “do good” skincare products. We do this by using a combination of naturally derived ingredients, the newest addition being our meadowsweet extract. This is to provide products that feel great when using them but also benefiting the skin in the short- and long-term aspects. Chemicals may increase the probability of developing skin allergies, irritations, and other side effects, which is why we always look for new and innovative solutions to scavenge the best ingredients for our cosmetics.


Over het bedrijf

Adore Cosmetic’s research teams have discovered that stem cells harvested from organic produce which is generally richer in nutrients than mass-harvested fruits and vegetables found in most supermarkets have profound impact on our skin. Using our patented plant stem cell formula, Adore Cosmetics products take advantage of the epigenetic factors of resilient plant stem cells. In turn, this enables your skin’s own stem cells to self-renew while slowing down the aging process.

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